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Store Overhaul Sale!!

We’ve been gone from SL for some time now (almost two years!), but I’m going to be starting up a new store. One or two items from .::Delirium::. may make it over to my new store…most of them will not though so get your goodies before it’s gone forever!

Mostly everything is $45L or LESS! Fat packs only $100L!!
Sale is August 10 – 30 on the Marketplace only!



Monochrome SALE!

Sooo…everything in the store that is BLACK, GRAY, WHITE or any variation of those three colors is on sale! It will all be $50L and LESS!!

Jewelry, clothes, outfits, mens tees, shoes, tails, jeans, new releases even…the list goes on! All on sale! It will end at 12pm SLT Tuesday.



Finally, by popular demand, I’ve updated and re-released some of my neko tails.

Each one is copy/modify. No trans. Comes scripted for your pleasure! You’re able to set gender and have a bunch of interactive options to play with.

No Trespassing Tail: comes in Black, Bubblegum, Gray and White

Dreadful Rave Tail: comes in Black, Party, Pink and White. **NO INTERACTIVE SCRIPT**

Photo Slider Tail: comes in Black, Brown and White
(each tail color includes three wraps. each wrap is a different metal: blue, gold and silver.) Changeable picture.

—————————————**SALE ITEMS**
Thirsty Thursday! This weeks theme is Bloody Mary. Only 75L!


Cyberpunk Gasmask

Breath sounds, gas particles..black gasmask encasing your mouth with two straps wrapping around you…swirling lights at the front…its a cyberpunks wet dream!
Copy and modify. Unisex.


Drop It Lowww

Drop It Low Naughty Dress

Sleek, sexy and hugs your body just right. Shoulder strap falling down on the side, a bit of black lace trimming the bottom…its hot and will get you ALL the attention no matter where you go.

Dress is copy only. Skirt prim is copy and modify. No transfer.
Dress and skirt prim included.
Comes in blue, green, pink, purple and red.

Unisex Skully Touch Piercing

Copy and modify. Resize scripted.
Comes in two positions.


Boarding School Lingerie

An adorable new lingerie. Pair the bra with jeans for a night out. Or don this cute tartan lingerie to impress that lover of yours.

Copy and mod. No trans.
All layers included.
Comes in 7 colors and fat pack.


Lazy Days Sweat~Kini & Leggings!

Just wanna lay around and be lazy all day? Getting ready to go for a run? Or just need that cute beachy outfit? This is the perfect outfit! Mix and match to get the perfect look you want!

All layers included. 15 color options. Leggings have two styles included with each color (stitched and non-stitched).
Leggings: $70L each
Kini: $50L each
Fat Pack: $875L for all options! a steal!