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Bellatrix Dress…

1. Bellatrix Dress – Red, White and Black
A gothic babydoll dress. The bottom edge trimmed with black lace which is embedded with tiny skull images.
Dress comes in black, white and red.
Includes: Flexi skirt, top, panties
Copy and mod permissions. Resize scripted. All layers.
The sash, bow and rose are each changeable with 9 different textures.

2. Mouth Hugs Tee – Gray, Blue, Red, Purple
Another cute but entertaining tee! I think it’s adorable but I have a perverted sense of humor. 😛
Copy and mod permissions. All layers.



Spring Is Coming! And a Bit of Mens Grunge Too…

Busy, busy busy! I know its been awhile since we’ve released anything new other than the Panda Hunt Donation Items sooo here’s 4 new items! 2 for the men and 2 for the ladies. 🙂

1. Fly Away Dress in Blue and Pink
Includes: Flexi skirt, Sculpted Skirt, Top and White panties.
Comes in all layers. Copy and mod permissions. The skirt is also resize scripted.
It’s a beautiful spring dress, perfect for any occasion. Especially with Easter coming soon!

2. Patch Me Up Sculpted Top – Heart, Ducky, and Cupcake
Includes: Sculpted Top
Copy and mod permissions. Resize scripted.
Another spring addition. Perfectly sculpted straps hug your body while the sculpted top gives you that extra boost. Textured in black with a darker metal for the buckles. Each has a lovely textured patch on it. Demo available at the store.

3. Mens Ace Of Death Boots
A sleek pair of black leather boots with silver buckles lining the upper part. The toe of the boot features a pair of skull playing cards. Mod and copy permissions.

4. Mens Goth Cross Necklace
9 Metal texture choices for the cross. Resize scripted. Transfer only. So you can make it a gift for your lovers out there ladies!


So with the upcoming Great Panda Heist, we made a few items for the donation center. It’s right at the front of the store when you walk in, past the subscriber. 50% of all sales go to the Pandas International Fundraiser. So please stop by and make a donation or buy one of these fabulous items! Its going to a great cause. For any information about Pandas International, feel free to contact Kat2 Kit.

All items are $50L and below. Resize scripted where needed..tie is texture change…both shirts come in jacket layers…everything is copy and modify.

Transaction history of donation sales available upon request. 🙂


Everyone LOVES a good present. So we now have a few things to benefit our fabulous customers!

First is our Prizes for Picks. That’s filled with our Unisex Crazy Armband FAT PACK! A huge value for just having us in your profile picks.

Theennn. Our latest hunt prize for the Easter Egg Madness Hunt is the Cute*Cake Glasses – Easter. It’s a really easy find. Psst..not the one by the door either. 🙂

Gacha machines and dollarbies coming next!


Oops…As I was trolling through the store today, I realized I never put up these releases! My bad!

The Basics Jean: Comes in three colors (regular, blue and dark wash). All layers with prim pant legs. Copy and mod permissions. Blue wash pictured.


Tattered Booty Shorts: Same three colorssss…blue, regular and dark wash. With a cute little frayed edge, just in time for the summer. Regular wash pictured.


Vintage Mens Tee: Five different vintage tees for the men. Swear we haven’t forgotten you guys! Ahem..anyways…Shirt cuffs included, mod and copy permissions. From left to right they read: (“there’s so much room for activities; 4 out of 5 nurses prefer me; gimme some sugar baby; sex ed applications accepted here; cleverly disguised as a responsible adult”)



Cute*Cake Glasses

Our newest release is the fabulous Cute*Cake Glasses! Four styles available. Each one is equipped with a multi-function script allowing you to texture change EACH individual piece to your heart’s content. Colors..shiny..full bright..texture..etc.

Cute*Cake Glasses Ad:

Close Ups: Please click the picture below to view a larger image. Panda (top left), Sweets (top right), Easter (bottom left), Undying (bottom right).


Items v2.0

Well, as we were reboxing things for the new store, a few items got updated. They’re even hotter than the first go-round!

Country Dirty Top: A grungy two piece layered set. White tank has oily, dirty stains on it with an added plaid top to give it a country girl touch. Plaid top comes with shirt cuffs. Modify and copy. All layers provided.

Unisex Crazy Armband: AMERICAN! CANADIAN! MEXICAN! All the craziness wrapped up in such a great accessory! It’s a triple roped armband with a grenade, razorblade, pack of cigarettes, and a flask with a skull top. Also has a tattered country flag hanging perilously off the side! Resize scripted. This armband comes positioned on the upper left arm.

Get In My Belly Tee: Simply put..an entertaining cleavage tee that has a bunch of happy sperm with the words “Get In My Belly” along the front. 😛