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Store Overhaul Sale!!

We’ve been gone from SL for some time now (almost two years!), but I’m going to be starting up a new store. One or two items from .::Delirium::. may make it over to my new store…most of them will not though so get your goodies before it’s gone forever!

Mostly everything is $45L or LESS! Fat packs only $100L!!
Sale is August 10 – 30 on the Marketplace only!



Monochrome SALE!

Sooo…everything in the store that is BLACK, GRAY, WHITE or any variation of those three colors is on sale! It will all be $50L and LESS!!

Jewelry, clothes, outfits, mens tees, shoes, tails, jeans, new releases even…the list goes on! All on sale! It will end at 12pm SLT Tuesday.


Harajukubox Body Mod Event!!

Where?: Harajukubox April 23rd-25th
When?: April 23rd-25th

These are all exclusive .::Delirium::. items not at our mainstore (for now) ! All are copy/mod, resize scripted, and come with two positions.

Limoooo to Harajuku!

Exclusive Xstreet Promo!

Exclusive promo! These items are only sold separately in world and on XStreet. $275L value! Only available until April 18th.

Peekaboo Dress (in deep red and scandalous blue)
Black Leather Bolero Vest
Finger Tape (Black)
Skirt Prim
Tape Pasties

Everything is modify/copy. All layers included. Vest is resize scripted.

For the dress or vest separately, please view my other listings!

.::Delirium::. Xstreet Listing

Limited Edition Gift!

Sooo…since we were busy and didn’t have time to get out an Easter gift. Here’s a special something. Touch the sign at the store for more info and sample pics!

A Limited Edition Gift is set out at the front of the store. One for men and one for women. THERE WILL ONLY BE 20 FOR EACH GENDER SET OUT!
After they are sold, there will not be anymore!

Each box is filled with a bunch of store goodies….it ends up being worth a little over $600L. But we are giving them away for only $100L!! It’s such a great deal.

They are no transfer. And set to buy as original so please remember to pick them up after purchase!


Update: There’s only a handful left so hurry hurry hurry!!!

Update: They’re goneeeee.


Last Chance Sale!

Two Sixty Linden Weekend Items…both, guess what? Only $60L! Hah.
Items will be gone tomorrow!

Mens Ace of Death Boots

A sleek pair of black leather boots with silver buckles lining the upper part. The toe of the boot features a pair of skull playing cards. Mod and copy permissions.

Fly Away Dress – Blue

Includes: Flexi skirt, Sculpted Skirt, Top and White panties.
Comes in all layers. Copy and mod permissions. The skirt is also re-size scripted.
It’s a beautiful spring dress, perfect for any occasion.



Everyone LOVES a good present. So we now have a few things to benefit our fabulous customers!

First is our Prizes for Picks. That’s filled with our Unisex Crazy Armband FAT PACK! A huge value for just having us in your profile picks.

Theennn. Our latest hunt prize for the Easter Egg Madness Hunt is the Cute*Cake Glasses – Easter. It’s a really easy find. Psst..not the one by the door either. 🙂

Gacha machines and dollarbies coming next!