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DJ Lush Outfit!

Get ready to rock out those tunes with this hot and sexy DJ Lush Outfit. Slightly see through lace blends perfectly into a short little dress. Complimented with sculpted perfection…headphones, lip ring and necklace included. You’ll be getting all the tips with this outfit!

DJ Lush Dress
Finger Tape (Black)
Skirt Prim
Music Note Pasties
Black Thong Panties
Dulcet Lip Ring (resize scripted)
Treble Drop Necklace (resize scripted, metal texture change)
Headphones (resize scripted)

Comes in acrid green, black out, bloody red, charcoal, and smash it pink.

Everything is modify/copy. All layers included.



Harajukubox Body Mod Event!!

Where?: Harajukubox April 23rd-25th
When?: April 23rd-25th

These are all exclusive .::Delirium::. items not at our mainstore (for now) ! All are copy/mod, resize scripted, and come with two positions.

Limoooo to Harajuku!

Mens Jeans & Weekend Sale Items

So tired so excuse the lameness of this post.

*New Release*

Mens Cycle 402 Jeans
leg prims included
comes in brown, blue and black
mod and copy perms

Sale itemmsssss…

LOW: Face the Facts Top FAT PACK – $50L

60L Weekends: Bellatrix Dress – Red and Unisex Crazy Armband Fat Pack

60L list: Official Picasa Gallery: http://www.bit.ly/SixtyLindenAlbum

.::Delirium::. Limo Ride
Also, I did a special promo on xstreet for the Peekaboo Dress & Bolero Vest. Only $99L! Only available for one more day!! XStreet

Summer Breeze!

Perfect for the warmer weather…a cute pair of denim shorts paired with a beautifully textured tube top. The tube top comes in two styles: naughty and regular. The naughty shows off a ton of cleavage btw!

Denim shorts
Summer Breeze Top
Summer Breeze Naughty Top

Copy and mod permissions. All layers included.
Comes in: gray, pink, red, sea blue and teal. $75L



Hair: >TRUTH< – Sydney

Shorts and Top: .::Delirium::. – Summer Breeze Pink

Shoes: Tyranny Designs – Sneaks – Table Cloth

Exclusive Xstreet Promo!

Exclusive promo! These items are only sold separately in world and on XStreet. $275L value! Only available until April 18th.

Peekaboo Dress (in deep red and scandalous blue)
Black Leather Bolero Vest
Finger Tape (Black)
Skirt Prim
Tape Pasties

Everything is modify/copy. All layers included. Vest is resize scripted.

For the dress or vest separately, please view my other listings!

.::Delirium::. Xstreet Listing

Peekaboo Dress & Bolero Vest

1. Black Leather Bolero Vest:
Beautiful distressed black leather wrap around you to create a grunge, punk biker look. A short bolero vest perfect for anyone’s look.
Modify and copy permissions. Resize scripted. $75L

2. Peekaboo Dress:
Includes: Peekaboo Dress, Finger Tape (Black), Skirt Prim, Tape Pasties
Sexy dress showing just the right amount of skin. And for a more covered version, tape is included.
Comes in angelic pink, deep red, noxious green, poison purple, putrid yellow and scandalous blue colors.
Everything is modify/copy. All layers included. $100L



Hair: Magika – Aurora
Skin: Skya – Scene
Dress: .::Delirium::. – Peekaboo Dress
Vest: .::Delirium::. – Black Leather Bolero Vest

Boots: Ducknipple – Snol


A grunge take on our classic Basic Jeans. A few torn edges and shredded pieces bring together these fabulous Rip Em Up Jeans. Comes in three colors (black, blue and regular washes). Jean cuffs included.

Everything is modify/copy.



Hair: >TRUTH< – Imogen

Top: Tyranny D. – Melon Fest

Pants: .::Delirium::.