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.::Delirium::. – founded September 2009.
Owners: Kitten Dexler and Mike Franklin
Locations: Breakers dAlliez, Harajuku Box and Heart & Sole
Blog: https://deliriumfashion.wordpress.com/

Home to original clothing, accessories, neko tails and furniture. All items featuring a wide range of styles and choices. Anything you need, we can also customize!

We in no way promote or condone the use of copybots and stealing from original creators. If you are found to be using such tactics, we do retain the right to immediately eject and/or ban you from the sim without notice.

All products created by Kitten Dexler and Mike Franklin or bearing the name/support of .::Delirium::. are trademarked and the sole property of Kitten Dexler and Mike Franklin. Copyright infringement is a serious offense punishable by law. Anyone using copybot to copy and redistribute items will be found and prosecuted under the copyright laws of their country, resulting in a fine or possible imprisonment. All of these items are protected under Copyright Law and the DMCA. For more information, please visit:

If the item is listed as no transfer, absolutely no refund will be given. Please review all pictures/ads and try out demos if available. Refunds will only be given for accidental double purchases.

If you purchased an item from us in world or on XStreet and it did NOT deliver, simply include the following information in a NC to us. You can obtain the needed information by going to http://www.secondlife.com – My Account – Transaction History.

13 455443233 Date: 2007-08-21 10:44:46
Type: Object Sale
Desc: .::Delirium::. Cute*Cake Bangles
Region: Breakers dAlliez
Destination: Kitten Dexler

Second Life ® and Linden Lab ® are trademarks or registered trademarks of Linden Research, Inc. All rights reserved. No infringement is intended.

We are in no way responsible for any third-party links you visit. Our policies and guidelines do not apply to or control any usage of these sites.

If you need any extra help or have any other questions…please do not hesitate to contact Mike Franklin or Kitten Dexler. We’d be more than happy to help you out.


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